There could be a serious problem lurking behind that stucco facade.

If applied correctly and maintained stucco can be an attractive and weather resistant wall covering. Sealed incorrectly or damaged stucco can cause a wealth of problems. Moisture can collect in the cavities of framing or exterior walls and lead to structural damage. The trapped moisture encourages the growth of mold which can eat away at load bearing studs and possibly further infest a structure. Wall may buckle due to the damage caused by moisture intrusion.

During the building boom of the early 2000’s houses and buildings were going up it what seemed like overnight. In the rush to complete structures as quickly as possible some builders took short cuts. Improperly applied stucco was one such result of those shortcuts. Entire communities are currently dealing with the shortcuts taken back then as structures are having to be repaired.

One sign of possible moisture intrusion in stucco is the dark streaks where mold is growing. Attempts to powerwash these stains away may only force more moisture into the structure. Painting over these stains and ignoring the problem could lead to disaster. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars could be saved by having the structure inspected prior to purchase.